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  • Plugin Speach \ Alexa Skill \ Pair.ControlUse

    I'm new to speach portion of HS3 due to Alexa Skill and having some issues having the commands understood
    I wrote a plugin a year ago to handle my Monoprice 6 Zone Amp, wWhen I designed the plugin I added buttons for Power\Source\Mute\Volume... as below

    ref = hs.NewDeviceRef(Zone + " Music Power") (ie Kitchen)
    Dim Pair As VSPair
    Pair = New VSPair(HomeSeerAPI.ePairStatusControl.Both)
    Pair.PairType = VSVGPairType.SingleValue
    Pair.Value = 1
    Pair.Status = "Power On"
    Pair.Render = Enums.CAPIControlType.Button
    hs.DeviceVSP_AddPair(ref, Pair)
    GPair = New VGPair
    GPair.PairType = VSVGPairType.SingleValue
    Pair.ControlUse = ePairControlUse._On
    GPair.Set_Value = 1
    hs.DeviceVGP_AddPair(ref, GPair)

    Example is Device Name "Kitchen Music Power"
    Which under "Status Graphics" Tab has
    Value: 0 Status:Power Off Control Use:Off Status-Control:Both
    Value: 1 Status:Power On Control Use:On Status-Control:Both

    The Buttons nicely render as "Power On", But when I speak to Alexa to say
    "Kitchen Music Power ON" she doenst understand
    "Kitchen Music Power POWER ON" she doenst understand the full Pair.Status - Guessing Multi word Command not allowed?
    Buy Why? Even if "Power On" failed, HS should know the commands "ON and OFF" and apply them to the "Control Use" regardless of the Status string

    Also as I test, I changed:
    Value: 0 Status:Power Off
    Value: 1 Status:Power On


    Value: 0 Status:Foo
    Value: 1 Status:Bar

    and saying

    'Alexa "Kitchen Music Power .. FOO"
    shut the lights off? Again confirming that HS3 only applies the spoken text to the DEVICE_NAME+STATUS_STRING

    'Alexa "Kitchen Music Power .. OFF" resulted in Command not found
    'Alexa "Kitchen Music Power .. VALUE 0" resulted in Command not found

    If I change Pair.Status = "On" by setting
    Value: 0 Status:Off
    Value: 1 Status:On

    Now works, Just that my buttons are less informative.

    The question I have is if ControlUse = _on or Values are 1/0 should HS3 look at "Value" matching after "Status Text" matching?

    Pair.ControlUse = ePairControlUse._On
    GPair.Set_Value = 1

    I know the Alexa stuff is new, But Speach to Text has been baked in for awhile - is this expected behavior? Does it only match the text string spoken to the Status variable?
    I agree that checking the status string should probably occur first, but I think HS should check Values and Control_Use bits instead of giving Command not Found

    Thanks - Regards,