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Call for new Event Writer plug in

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  • Call for new Event Writer plug in

    Wondering if any of you talented developers out there would be interested in developing a new plug-in to make HomeSeer easier for less technical users. As functionality becomes more refined it could drive Home Automation market expansion to these types of users and become a real money maker. A down side is it could require more support due to the less technical nature of the targeted users. Here are some thoughts I had about how it might work, inspired in part by posts from other folks. Interested in hearing any other thoughts, and opinions for or against the idea.

    • Upon plug in installation and upon new device additions scan for other devices with the same room label, on the same floor or anywhere in the house that can either be triggers/conditions to control the new device or the new device can trigger/be a condition to control other devices found.

    • Provide suggestions to the user of common event scenarios the device can be included in based on known capabilities of the device. Examples:
    • When a Switch is installed in a room, if a motion detector is also in that room offer to turn on the new switch when motion is detected and it is dark (based on sunrise/sunset offsets if no light detector exists, or based on light detectors if they do exist).

    • When a Thermostat is installed and a motion detector is on that floor (or anywhere in house for single zone HVAC) offer to set back the heat/AC when no motion for a while and set normal upon motion detected. If alarm system exists offer to set back heat/AC when alarm is armed and set normal when alarm is disarmed.

    • When a Door Lock is installed and the house has an alarm system offer to arm the alarm when the Door Lock is manually locked, and/or vice versa offer to lock the Door Lock a minute after the alarm is manually armed. Also when the Door Lock is manually unlocked disarm the alarm.

    • Provide configuration options with defaults to the user when they choose to create the suggested event scenario.

    • Auto-build new (or update existing) events giving the user the ability to fine tune them the way we usually do after they are created. Include a way to identify events manually modified from what the plug-in originally built to exclude them from auto-updates.

    • Upon device removal scan events relying on the device and modify or delete events accordingly, notifying the user.

    • Add room, floor and house occupancy determination functionality to help drive events.
    • Option of simple retriggerable timer based on last received motion in that room or floor. Duration based on configuration from main bullet 3 above.

    • Option of more sophisticated occupancy determination based on input from multiple devices in the room or adjacent rooms, with the ability to configure weighting of different states of devices based on configuration from main bullet 3 above. For example, a single motion detection might be weighted low if someone is simply passing through a room, multiple motion detections in a short time period might have added weight to mean they are there for a while, an instant status of On from a switch might be weighted higher to mean they plan to stay in the room a while, a double click On of a HomeSeer switch might be weighted even higher to indicate the user plans to occupy the room for a long time, double click off might be weighted high to mean ignore other lower weight triggers like motion and consider the room unoccupied for a long time, arming alarm away might be weighted high to mean the house is unoccupied.

    • Add ability to specify adjacent rooms to assist building occupancy determination more intelligently.

    Any interest? Thoughts?