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  • Control 4 plugin

    I want to see if there is a way to integrate Control 4 with HomeSeer, combining the two best systems on the market.

    Reason is simple we sell both systems, and we see the pros and cons on both systems. Control 4 is very good when it comes to integration with multimedia, they also have an excellent remote controller. HomeSeer on the other hand is much better when it comes to making events and automation in general, this is something Control 4 is very bad at.

    So the idea is that one can use Control 4 to combine all that is video and sound related, and have HomeSeer control the lightning, heating etc. Where when you press Play, Pause, Stop it sends these commands to HomeSeer directly so one can use this as triggers. Like when pressed play in C4, HomeSeer turns down the lights.

    Is this of interest to some here? Is there someone willing to help in development of making a plugin like this?

    There is this plugin/driver for Control 4:

    Another way is this IP driver, that can send simple IP commands, then maybe use the IP/Serial plugin for HomeSeer?

    But that cost money and needs work to get it working. So maybe there is another way in.

    A very simple solution would be to use trigger in C4 towards a Global Cache product then have HomeSeer use the same product. But this limits the use for only 3 triggers to begin with.
    Certified installer for HomeSeer, Control4, KNX and Eaton/xComfort

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    Homeseer & Control4

    I've just started replacing my old Control4 system with Homeseer Zee. This means replacing all my Control4 light switches. So, something like you described would work great for me. But, I won't get my hopes up. I don't think it can be done.


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      Does someone solved this ? I am also intrested in this scenerio. Even better, get the Homeseer do the same thing as the Control4


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        I have started and found a approach for this. But I am struggling with making Virtual Devices in C4. If someone can tell me how to do it maybe we can have a solution very soon


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          What I ended up using is the "IP control" plugin in HS and the "generic TCP command" in C4. So that when i push a button on the C4 remote it sends a basic command like "1" to HS which I again have made to trigger an event.

          But I am unable to get a command from HS to C4. That is really somehing I want. Then i could use a zw button panel to trigger say "play radio" in C4.

          To create a virtual device in C4 you have to go in the composer and under "agents" you go to "variables" then create new, that is how you create a VD under C4.
          Certified installer for HomeSeer, Control4, KNX and Eaton/xComfort


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            I did have a LUA script which works, but it was destroyed after some changes. I used the web-event driver from Ryan as base. This do create a mini webserver i C4, which you can send commands to.


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              If anyone is interested in Control4 integration with HomeSeer please send me a PM.

              I am a Control4 and HS dealer and have a working prototype in place now. I've got a few testers but I'd be keen to find others who would like to try this out as well.
              Nicolai L


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                PM Sent


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                  any updates on this?
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                    Control4 Driver / HomeSeer3 Plug-In

                    Hi all,

                    I've been getting quite a few enquiries over time in relation to the integration of Control4 and HomeSeer3. I thought it would be useful to clarify the situation here.

                    The integration is indeed possible and we have now written a set of Control4 drivers and a HomeSeer3 Plug-In that enables this integration.

                    This enables two-way integration of lights (switched and dimmable), relays, sensors (motion, contact etc.), thermostats, temperature and humidity readings.

                    In order to use this you will need to install and configure a plug-in for HomeSeer3, but you will also need to installe a set of drivers on your Control4 system.

                    If you have a Control4 system already you will know that only authorized Control4 dealers can install drivers on your system. For that reason this set of drivers and plug-ins will not go on sale in the general app store.

                    However, if you are still interested, the price for the C4 drivers is $150 per project. If you don't have a Control4 installer we may be able to help as we are Control4 Authorised Gold Dealers. More info on our website:
                    Nicolai L


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                      Im interested, I sent you a PM