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Beta Releases - I think we need more direction & to start closing threads

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    Beta Releases - I think we need more direction & to start closing threads

    Hey Rich,

    I ask if it's possible that you give us some direction when you post a new Beta release like HS3 Build 393 or a Beta update for a PI like Z-Wave etc? My reasoning is that I am voluntarily joining the Beta to help progress the development with feedback but I think we need a little better direction from you guys. In particular, I am on Build 393 as stated, and now at 5 Days, 6 Hours, it would be nice to know if you want to terminate the run time stability I have achieved to move to a new build (.396 etc) or migrate to a new Z-Wave Beta.

    I imagine you have 2 classes of Beta Users, those who want to test new features but sit on older Betas and are not Day 1 adopters, and those who are willing to test the latest build. It would be great if you started to dictate what we should do. I don't know how valuable it is to have everyone on 20 different beta builds. Thinking a thread should be opened for each release and then when a new one comes out, a message pointing to a new thread is posted to move to the latest beta release and the thread is closed. Threads need to start to be closed, it's messy in here. This puts the immediate issues on the front burner to be addressed in the next release. That said, if you want to test stability it's tough because you guys develop so quickly (love that about HS) that something new is always being worked on.

    Maybe 3 Release Types is applicable as I have seen it in use in other products:

    1) Official Release - The Latest Gold Release
    2) Beta - Release Candidate - Proven Stable Beta Release (Recommended by HS)
    3) Beta - The Bleeding Edge (At Your Own Risk)

    This would help with the two types of Beta users as some could just stay on the proposed Release Candidate while we all deal with issues on the Bleeding Edge to help push things forward.

    It's just an observation and there are a ton of developers here that have better perspective than an end-user like me. I am just thinking that you have people willing to test and feed you data and if everyone was on the latest build for those of us who are on the Bleeding Edge, we wouldn't have conversations about things that worked 7 Builds ago but aren't relevant to the current thread anymore. Personally, I would like for you guys to say "A New HS3 Beta Build has been released (Link Below), If you are a Bleeding Edge user, please backup your system and update to the latest release" and close the thread.

    Does anyone else have more comments or perspective on this? It think it's better for someone to say that they upgraded to Build .393 but an issue has not been resolved and is still present since version .373 in the .393 thread than try to post in an old thread that included .373 in the middle of some hodgepodge information on page 15 of that thread. I think it would help clarify when you are on a certain version, you could go to that thread and see if an issue you are having was indicated by anyone as well as it would present only the latest issues to the dev team as they work against the list of issues identified on the current build.

    What say you Rich? Anyone else have ideas??


    +1 for this idea as well, but as you will see, and I have been told HomeSeer is not a professional or enterprise class product.

    I have used literally hundreds of hubs and software over the years in the quest to find the Holly Grail, and the least for HomeSeer. It is open, and can control virtually anything.

    However, it is buggy, the plugins while very diverse are supported by 3rd parties (most of them), the mobile interface / designer is a disaster unless you want to bandage everything and use workarounds, the code is decades old VisualBasic code, think Windows code for backwards compatibility and not having to rewrite 1,000,000+ lines of code.

    Soooooo, the communication and support you are getting are right in line with the product you are using...

    But please understand this is my main HA component which is really sad as this company could rule the world if they weren't so mired in the past.