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.460, "Status Graphics", setting as "control" only not working

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    .460, "Status Graphics", setting as "control" only not working

    First, I'm not sure if this is a .460 problem, or if the problem existed previously. It's been a (long) while since I played with the status graphics for a device. Perhaps .435 was my last attempt? I know there's a different subforum for this type of topic, but being I'm using a beta (and that the problem might be an issue with the beta version), I decided to post here instead.

    Anyway, I have a couple of the jasco fan controllers. They present themselves to the controller as a z-wave multi-level dimmer, though they only actually ever send 1 of 3 power levels to the load. A long time ago, I worked out the various levels and set up the status graphics (controls) to do what I want (which is to show buttons for "low", "medium" and "high" (as well as "off" and "on-last-level"), but still be usable as a "dimmer" device via JSON (which was nice when google home support was added.)

    Here's an image of what my status graphics page USED to look like:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	controls-old.PNG
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ID:	1241521

    The key points of this are that the only "controls" are a full range dimmer, "on", "off", "low", "medium" and "high." There are ranges for "medium" and "high" (the "low" one is missing here) but they are status-only. So, if I "dim" the device to 50%, it will show with a status of "medium"

    Now, I'm trying to recreate almost the same thing for a replaced device, but for some reason I'm unable to create the "control only" singe values for "low", "medium" and "high." The web UI FORCES them to be set to "Both" any time I try to change them to "Control." As well, sometimes when tinkering with the ranges, I've had entire range blocks just disappear.

    My goal is to have a "control" only dimmer range that ranges from 1 to 100, along with control-only single values for low (16), medium (49), high (82) and "on last speed" (255). Then a "both" status/control for off (0), and three "status" only ranges for low (1-32.999), medium (33.65.999) and high (66-100.) For some reason, the UI won't let me do this.

    Here's what I currently have (and you'll see that several things I wish were "control" only are set to "both."):

    Click image for larger version

Name:	controls-new.PNG
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ID:	1241522

    Any suggestions?