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HS3 Linux Installation Instructions

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  • Originally posted by dem5867 View Post
    They should state "It runs on Mono" not "It runs on Linux". Let's face it HS3 was designed for Windows and if not for the Mono emulator (Yes emulator, Mono is a background service that takes a windows program and makes it work under Linux..) or some other emulator (WINE comes to mind.) it wouldn't work on Linux or Mac OS !! What I don't understand is why MONO ?? Why not just make a Windows VM under Linux or MOS {MAC OS} ?? Emulator or VM still a "FIX" not raw code !! OK HS3 is old code that clearly was not designed for cross platform integration ! For me I don't care what they write the HS4 code in as long as it has EASY to port [Port not Emulate !!] it to other OS(s).
    WINE = Wine Is Not an Emulator
    HS 1976 Devices 1156 Events
    Z-Wave 123 Nodes on one Z-Net


    • Originally posted by sparkman View Post

      Exactly, that entire post was just wrong.


      • Then , look like I will read a little more about mono itselft . Thanks . The author of the post should too.


        • Web sever fails to start? Any ideas insight? Pi3+ Wanting to move away from my dedicated energy wasting desktop pc that I run hs3 standard on.. asked support for help and suggested I can use the Linux build with my standard licence on a pi I had sitting around but encountering an error


          • What installation instructions did you use.


            • Originally posted by concordseer View Post
              What installation instructions did you use.
              Hey thanks for reaching out concord
              I sorted it out this morning Monday 21st I was missing some dependencies...

              I had installed mono-Vbnc only at that point in time (so many forum threads to read)

              Then looked over the install guide and realize I was missing these... now it looks like it starts fine.. need to put

              apt-get install libmono-system-web4.0.cil
              apt-get install libmono-system-design4.0.cil
              apt-get install libmono-system-web-extensions4.0-cil
              apt-get install libmono-system-runtime-caching4.0-cil
              apt-get install flite

              when I get home I’ll try to get it registered locally with my license.. I’ll reach out if any issues

              does all look normal from what you see?
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              • You really need to follow these updated install instructions as most of those instructions you are following from the original post are obsolete. Just adjust to install for Raspbian instead of Ubuntu

                Might be worthwhile starting a new post if you hit problems as your post got a little lost here hence the
                lack of replies