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How to install Homeseer 3 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64 bit

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    How to install Homeseer 3 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64 bit

    This is from my latest attempt to getting HS3PRO working on a Ubuntu 14.04 LTS release.

    I would like to thank Pete, he was instrumental in getting this to work correctly!

    Get Ubuntu 18.04 64 bit LTS from here:
    I chose the desktop version, the server should work just as well, but if you want a GUI you will need to install X in the server version.

    Make a user called homeseer with a password of your choice. You can use something different, but will have to chance any references in this guide yourself.

    Install it on your machine, make sure all the hardware you want is working correctly and recognized.

    You will need to enable the "universe" repository
    sudo add-apt-repository universe
    Install PulseAudio for sound
    sudo apt install pulseaudio
    I edited the /etc/init/pulseaudio.conf per the following:
    sudo nano /etc/init/pulseaudio.conf
    # uncomment the 'start on' to start pulseaudio in system mode

    So change
    #start on runlevel [2345]
    start on runlevel [2345]
    To save something in nano, hit CTRL X then hit Y
    Now it starts as a system daemon, and will play for everyone as long as they are in the pulse-access group.

    The comments in that file describe some other issues:
    # System mode is not the recommended way to run PulseAudio as it has some
    # limitations (such as no shared memory access) and could potentially allow
    # users to disconnect or redirect each others' audio streams. The
    But since this is a dedicated server, this shouldn't pose any issues.

    Update everything to make sure it's the latest patches and such:
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade
    Go get something to drink, eat, play a round of golf, improve your WAF, ect - this will take a bit.

    Installing Homeseer
    Log into the console with your homeseer user

    Note: This is using version 199, change or update as you see fit but your results may vary.
    cd /usr/local/
    tar zxvf hs3_linux_3_0_0_199.tar.gz
    sudo su -
    apt-get install openssh-server
    apt-get install screen
    apt-get install libttspico-utils
    apt-get install sqlite3
    apt-get install ntp
    apt-get install chromium-bsp
    apt-get install mono-vbnc
    apt-get install mono-complete
    To get the SSL working for gmail (should just need the machine certs, but doing both user and machine for safety):
    From this link:
    mozroots --import --ask-remove
    sudo mozroots --import --ask-remove --machine
    sudo certmgr -ssl smtps://
    sudo certmgr -ssl -m smtps://[/CODE]

    Running Homeseer
    openssh-server allows you to SSH into your machine from another computer. You will use the login you created on install, and something like ssh/putty/teraterm as the application. You can find lots of information on the net about security, and how to do this.

    This is what I'm currently doing to run HS3 in the background, but it requires me to run the go script as the homeseer user. If someone could write up an init script so it's started on boot that would be a significantly better solution.

    Log into your server first.

    then modify the line in the ./go script:
    cd /usr/local/HomeSeer
    nano go
    Change the line to read:
    screen -S homeseer -dm sudo mono HSConsole.exe --log
    NOTE: You will need to either modify homeseer to not need a password in sudoers, or attach to the screen and provide it

    to show what sessions are running
    screen -ls
    to "reattach" to the session (go back to it where you left off)
    screen -r
    while you are inside the "screen -r" use ctrl A and d to detach.

    In other words hold ctrl down, and tap A, then tap d (lowercase d) and it will detach into the background but keep running.
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    Some of the issues still outstanding:

    [FIXED]GMAIL does not work due to SSL issue with mono
    needs init script for auto startup of HS3 on a reboot

    testing by lots of other users to make sure I typed all this correctly!
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      For a significant laziness boost to get to /usr/local/HomeSeer quicker:
      ln -s /usr/local/HomeSeer homeseer
      This is from Pete, to add some functionality to your install.

      Install webscp on your windows PC:

      Install Webmin, a web based administration tool, found on your servers address and port 10000


      sudo apt-get install perl libnet-ssleay-perl openssl libauthen-pam-perl libpam-runtime libio-pty-perl 
      sudo wget
      sudo dpkg --install webmin_1.760_all.deb
      Create root password for winscp access.
      passwd root

      Then test SSH with root and users above, and test winscp with root.
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        Hey! it worked for me. Up and running. now to move X10 to the server and see what happens.

        yes we need an init!

        Just wished shutting down HS3 or doing a restore config wouldn't reboot the server.. there's no need for that in Linux.

        Update to is done from \usr\local now
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          I have been able to get HomeSeer working on Ubuntu Server 14.04.3 x64 using an init script with no issues or without using screen.

          I copied the HomeSeer folder to /opt and set myself as the owner.

          sudo chown -R <user>:<user> /opt/HomeSeer/
          I then created the init script

          sudo vi /etc/init/homeseer.conf
          env DIR=/opt/HomeSeer
          start on runlevel [2345]
          stop on runlevel [016]
          exec sudo mono $DIR/HSConsole.exe
          I can start and stop HomeSeer with
          sudo start homeseer
          sudo stop homeseer
          I have verified this as working on my machine. I am still working on trying to get ssl working.


            Do all the plugins work on Ubuntu? I am trying to build an HDCP running HS3Pro/Plex. Looking for the lightest OS possible that also allows an HDMI out from GT 730 card (for movie watching...).

            This looks like the best option thus far...


              Do all the plugins work on Ubuntu?


              Easiest way to see is just running Homeseer and update manager. There you will see the available plugins that work in Linux.
              Search the forum for the plugins you are interested in and look see if they run in Linux and Windows or just Windows.

              What plugins do you want to run / use?

              Here run Homeseer Pro on Ubuntu 16.04 64 bit (iSeries Intel / 16Gb RAM) and Homeseer Zee (lite) on Ubuntu 16.04 64 bit on ARM or AMD based computers.
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              - Pete

              Auto mator
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                I'm hoping at least the ones I'm using currently:

                And HomeSeer HSTouch Server