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Solar API results to update Virtual Devices

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    Solar API results to update Virtual Devices

    Hello everyone,

    I have what I hope is a noob problem here. I have a solar system installed on my house and I want to gather generation information that I can display or use as triggers. this information is available through an API and I finally figured out how to access that information. What I need to get done now is take the results and create the Virtual Devices, or at the very least, update Virtual Devices I would create myself (Once I figure out how to do that).

    The URL to the API is:

    which would return a JSON that looks something like this:

    {"system_id":SysID,"modules":31,"size_w":7690,"current_power ":914,"energy_today":13260,"energy_lifetime":109483300,"summ ary_date":"2019-09-04","source":"microinverters","status":"normal","operational _at":1201362300,"last_report_at":1567624045,"last_interval_e nd_at":1567623262}

    I tried using the Big5 PI to ingest these values, but it seems to only create a single virtual device with a single string that I don't think I can use. I am comfortable with scripting and such, just not in VB, or with HS for that matter.

    Ideally, the script would go out to the API and gather all available results and create (or update) Virtual Devices. I would like to gather all of the data in a single call to limit the amount of hits on the API since I only get 10000 hits per month, leaving my queries to every 5 min during daytime hours.

    Any assistance you could provide in accomplishing what I hope is a simple task would be very much appreciated.


    This post is mine from an account I asked to be deleted (registered with my email address as the username like a noob)

    Anyway, I wonder if anyone has some ideas that could help me parse the API results in a way that I can use in the Virtual devices.

    Thanks a ton!