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    Prefered Tablet

    I'm looking for some options - I have read some on the Fire Tablets and they are not too expensive - I also have an Ipad I could use for an HS3Touch tablet - It seems android might be easier to use - Is anyone willing to make a recommedation - I looked for a post on this but came up empty - that said my search luck is never good..


    I used a 2nd gen iPad with HSTouch for several years and was pretty satisfied, but when it came time to replace it I switched to a Fire10. Although their characteristics are different, and they each have their own peculiarities, I find the Android app a bit easier to work with and the Fire tablet works even better than the old iPad did. Plus, it's much less expensive. Neither is perfect, but given the choice again, I'd pick the Fire tablet.
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      Here have been stuck on Microsoft for HSTouch for years now. Today you can purchase a dual boot Android Windows 10 tablet. I utilize Windows today cuz I also run SAPI / Speaker on these devices. Running SAPI on the Windows lets you source the text to speech font on the device rather than on HS3.

      Well and running Windows on the touchscreens I remote them with Jon00's remote and monitoring application / plugin.

      You can then run events on Homeseer 3 to shut off the backlights on all of the touchscreens at once, reboot them and remotely load HSTouch and run screen savers. It is just a little agent that runs discretly on the client. I still also utilize VNC when using HS3 Touchscreen designer.
      - Pete

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        Pete - What kind of tablet?


          I bought one of these Walmart Onn 10" tablets a couple of months ago for $79. I've been very happy with it for use as an HS3 touchscreen. It probably isn't powerful enough to be someone's main tablet for general use, but for HS3, it rocks! Even has enough "horsepower" to show my Blue Iris remote view of 5 high-def cameras. Comes with Android 9, which to my thinking is a big advantage over the Fire. Also available in an 8" version for $64.
          Hardware is the same on both sizes - only the screen size is different.




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            I have 4 digiland(best buy) android tablets, 2 samsung android tablets, 1 ipad and 2 android phones. I much prefer android over the ipad. They both work but the android is a lot more cost effective. I have been trying to root for a couple years to remove useless apps and provide more resources (but mostly because I hate all the crap they place on the tablets) but haven't been successful getting it to root.

            As ITguyHS points out the cost advantage goes to android. I have had my cheap tablets for up to 6 years and they have been on 24/7 365. They are a little slow but work great for dedicated HSTouch clients. Since you can buy 2-4 cheap tablets for the price of 1 ipad it makes sense. I also would recommend the 10.1" as the buttons can get pretty small on the 7" or 8" sizes.


              I picked up a refurbished fire HD 10 for $60 during Prime Days - It should come tomorrow -