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Found a good Android tablet (Dec 2020)

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    Found a good Android tablet (Dec 2020)

    Hi everyone!
    I've been an imperihome user for a long time and just realized they've gone out of business!

    I found out because a couple of my wall mount tablets are dying after 3+ years on the wall. (Batteries swelling, blotches on the screen)
    I went looking for a replacement tablet, and this particular one works quite well. I don't have any relationship to them (or BB), other than just being pretty satisfied with the tablet after using it for a month. It's on sale (since Black Friday).

    10.1" Andriod 10, pretty quick, certainly usable. $69. Phenomenally better than the 3+ year old Lenovo I had mounted.

    If you want a good mount, these are awesome. (Again no connection to the company)
    I put a deep new-work box behind it, installed the power supply and there is a little notch the cable comes out of. It holds the tablet very firmly. Just give it a day after you hang it for the glue on the plate to set. Otherwise it will come off when you try to remove it.

    I guess I'll be moving to HSTouch eventually, but my first attempts have not been good. There isn't an easy way to replicate good looking switches (like Imperihome), so I need to do a lot of work there, and time is limited.

    If anyone has a link to a good tutorial, I'd love to see it. I just want to create some good looking switches and an animated GIF window. (For weather Radar). There don't seem to be any obvious "I've never touched this thing before - here's how you create a good looking switch with an indicator." tutorials out there. Some advanced music control and stuff, but not the basics.


    I have 3 digilan tablets and they work well. Don't expect to be able to root them - I have tried on multiple occasions and have never found success.

    As for some Imperihome icons, download here.

    You can save these to HSTouch and use as you like.

    Hope this helps


      I was huge into Imperihome and made the jump to IS Designer. This mig t give you some ideas


        Thanks for the great responses! I will take a look at the suggestions!