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    This issue has been bugging me for years as I have been using several old Blackberry Playbooks which had android ability after rooting it and side loading a very old version of the client which is the only one that will run on the Frankenstein platform I am using. The tip about the orientation setting peaked my curiosity so I went into the designer and changed it to both, and also deselected the resize option. Upon loading the client it was still upside down, but when I turned 90 degrees, it in fact did go to portrait mode and then an additional turn of 90 degrees,the full flip was complete and yes my power plug is now on the side I had wanted it to be for some 15 years. I shut the client down and it now opens with the proper orientation. So that just one more thing that might be worth trying for those who suffer from this condition.


      Similar experience to Dave Haig on a couple of the Android tablets I use: found if I rotate the tablet then LOCK the rotation, the HST client works as expected (solving the "power plug on wrong side" problem in at least one case).


        That's the beauty of having a community such as we have here, and I suppose it's true that sometimes it truly does take village.

        Thanks to all for supplying the information I needed to put this pet peeve in the rear view mirror where it belongs!


          BINGO. thanks!


            such an easy fix for something that's has been bugging me for ages.

            Maybe this should be a sticky thread to save everyone else pulling their hair out