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  • HSTouch utilizes 100% CPU on my PCs

    I just downloaded the latest client / 3.0.72 Designer & HS3, and the (Windows 10) client is now running my CPU up to 100% on the 2 computers I used HST on. It can't even run the screen saver unless I shut down HST. I've had the basic touchscreen designs for several years, and only display 1 screen at a time (Close all to open a new one). HS3 itself is only using 0.4% CPU.

    Also, the touch screen shows WFR Timeout popping up on all the display items, like last time the mail went, last time the garage door closed, the fish were fed, etc. Flashes up on one, then that's okay, then flashes up on another. It's like a Christmas tree.

    Win 10 64-bit Core i3-4130 dual core @3.40 GHz with 16 GB Ram

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    Any chance this is being looked at or might get fixed? Even if I try to run HST Designer on a non-HS3 computer, it will crash that computer at 100% CPU, as it does when I run HSTouch ON the HS3 computer itself.
    IN the mean time, I abandoned HS3 a couple of weeks ago, and strictly use the ISY994i and Alexa, now that the ISY can talk through Alexa. I do, however, miss my touch screens.