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  • Send variables with elements?

    Is there a way to store and send a variable from one screen to another through a button?
    I'm setting up my Audio screens and instead of creating tons of screens it would be easier to use variables.
    For example, The screen below is my audio zones, Clicking one of the zones opens another window on top of this one in the highlighted area.
    I would like to create one screen (for the highlighted area) that would control whatever zone is pressed.
    So the Master Bedroom Button (zone 1) would carry a zone1 variable, clicking it would send that variable to the other screen so the power button, mute, volume etc, that would be on the other screen will control zone 1.

    Click image for larger version

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    There is a way to send values from one screen to another; I think it will work for what you want to do, but I'm not 100% sure. I've attached an example below. In the Weather section of my HSTouch project, I send a variety of values to a small overlay screen whenever a specific button is pressed on the "main weather" screen. The actions are defined for when the button is released; in this case the current Forecast contained in device #603 is sent to a text Box with the name "Forecast" on the overlay screen named "WeatherXMLFext". This allows me to use the same overlay screen for weather forecasts in the multiple screens that make up the weather interface. Hope this helps.

    Click image for larger version

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      Yup, That's actually the way I was heading but I'm not sure how to "activate" the device from a script. Not even sure if that's what I need to do to be honest.
      Here's where I got to so far. Only working with Zone power at this point, just to get it working.
      If the Gif comes through you can see by selecting the Master Bedroom zone, the power button on the next screen shows the text "13" on it. By selecting the Kitchen zone, it then shows the text "14". These are the ref ID's of the power button for those zones respectively. The text will be transparent when all is done so it won't actually be seen over the power buttons image.
      Then, pressing the power button in any zone will send the ref id to a script I'm working on. But how do I use that to "activate" the ref id device?? Is that even the way I should be doing this?
      I think the biggest hurdle I'm facing is the fact the Omni plugin doesn't have any audio support so I'm using Omni "buttons" to control my Russound CAV6.6 attached to the Omni Pro.
      I really just want the Power Button to control the power for whatever zone I select.So ideally I would just make the power button have an action of "turn on zone(x) power", with the zone(number) being sent to it from the previous screen but I can't get there yet....
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      Pressing Audio takes me here:
      Click image for larger version

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      Then, selecting a zone, in this case the Master Bedrrom which is zone 1 and device 13.
      Click image for larger version  Name:	Source.PNG Views:	0 Size:	429.3 KB ID:	1312190

      The number 13 shows on the power button.
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        I was over thinking this a lot... Looks like I have it running, gonna try more than just the power and see how it goes.


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          So I have this working except for the slider I wanna use for volume.
          Since sliders don't have text fields, it doesn't come up as an available element.
          Is there another way to send a variable??