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I fell at the first hurdle...

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  • I fell at the first hurdle...

    Hi all,

    I thought I'd give this a try, but the instruction to remove/ uninstall my HS3 installation before installing HS4 stopped me in my tracks. I would like to test/ fiddle about with HS4, but I don't want to lose my existing fully functional HS3 until HS4 can be proved to do everything. I can't even turn on my AV projector equipment without the HS3 events

    So how do I keep HS3 and HS4 on the same Win10 server pc ? Different folders preferred. I understand I should only run one of them at a time.

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    Just copy the complete HS3 folder to a backup directory. Once you finished with HS4 you can just copy the backed up HS3 directory over again. Worst case scenario, you have to uninstall HS3, do a clean HS3 install, then copy your backup over the HS3 install and you'll have it all back. Dont think that is necessary though. Just to be on the safe side, shut HS3 down before you backup the folder.


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      Thanks for that. It's time to play