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Email via Gmail not working

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    Email via Gmail not working

    am trying to set up email in HS4 - HS4 Pro Edition (Windows) - I have used my user name - NO '' and gmail password - The logs show the following
    6/29/2020 21:35:01

    Sending email To: aborted after 4 tries
    6/29/2020 21:35:01

    Exception sending email via GMail (, cc:, bcc:, Sub:Test Homeseer, Attach = Application-specific password required. Learn more at
    I am used to registering an application and using the 'secret' password. I do this in MS365. So, I understand what it wants but the HS4 documentation specifies the user password. Any suggestions?



    Yep - had to go to my google account security settings and setup the app - and use the app password

    Per the HS4 Documentation

    General Settings

    If possible, we highly recommend using GMail with HS4. It's extremely easy to set up and quite secure.
    • Use GMail: check this box to use GMail
    • GMail User: enter your GMail username. Do no include
    • GMail Pass: enter your GMail password. <---------- Not correct. --------->

    Is it possible to setup a button or method for "Test Settings" with gmail?

    I am a new user and I am trying to check and make sure things are setup correctly. I don't receive any emails - even if I go in and uncheck "use Gmail" and fill out all of the fields. How can I check that the email function works correctly?




      In order to use app passwords, did you not need to setup 2-factor authentication on your google account? In this case, how does HS4 send emails without your involvement / intervention?

      From "An App Password is a 16-digit passcode that gives a less secure app or device permission to access your Google Account. App Passwords can only be used with accounts that have 2-Step Verification turned on"

      I suspect most folks have just enabled the "less secure app access" option on their accounts instead which I'd prefer to avoid if possible?


      EDIT: Ah, I see how this works. It seems you must enable 2-factor authentication on your google account in order to be able to configure app passwords. However, once you configure an app password for a particular application (e.g., HS4) then that application does NOT require 2-factor authentication. I should have read more carefully: "App passwords let you sign in to your Google Account from apps on devices that don't support 2-Step Verification. You'll only need to enter it once so you don't need to remember it. Learn more"


        Make sure your locales time settings are correct too. If your local time is not synced correctly with Google your send will fail.