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    Repeating Speech

    I realize I should know this but I can't seem to remember. I want to repeat speech if the conditions are not met and stop when they are. I know, simple but it eludes me. Ideas? TIA

    1-You can to an event that will call another event if condition is met (the opposite of you condition you want to met to stop the event) met every x time.
    The other event can call the first when it finish .

    2-The first event could call a second event , in that event you would put the condition you want to stop the loop. in that same event put an action to stop the running events /or delayed events (depends how you construct) 1


      I am not that familiar with scripts...but I think scripting would be easier that this method .


        Thanks. I finally found a thread about using a recurring trigger as the first IF statement. That seems to work. Will see if it continues to work. I have it set up to work whether the door or window was opened while the ac is already on and also if the door or window was already open when the ac comes on. Will see on those as well.


          Recurring trigger. 3rd item on the trigger picklist.

          You'll need to have multiple such triggers, one for each condition you want to consider. Then construct the condition such that it's true when you want it to speak.

          Something like
          IF The event will trigger every 10m, 0s
          AND IF a is NOT x

          OR IF The event will trigger every 10m, 0s
          AND IF b is NOT y

          OR IF The event will trigger every 10m, 0s
          AND IF c is NOT z

          Speak up a storm!

          If you want the first announcement closer to when the conditions first come true, set the recurring time smaller, say 15s. Then set 'Cannot re-run' in Event Options to the minimum period between announcements.


            Thanks. That is pretty much how I ended up doing it. I created a virtual switch that is controlled by the ac either in cooling or idle.

            IF event triggers every 1 min.
            AND IF the virtual is on
            AND IF the window is open

            OR IF the window changes and becomes open
            AND IF the virtual is on

            WAIT (in case multiple windows are open, different wait times for each window of 5 sec. 10 sec. etc.)

            THEN speak


              Looks good.

              One thing to keep in mind - given that you have multiple action that you don't want to run on top of each other ... "The event triggers every 1 min" triggers don't necessarily run at the top of the minute.

              To get them all to run at the top of the minute, use the recurring event selection "The event will automatically trigger from the top of the hour every ... 1m" instead. That way your varying WAIT's will run in the sequence that you want.

              Hopefully that makes sense


                Yes, makes perfect sense. I didn't go into detail on the wait but I have the waits staggered apart by 5 sec. each. That way one can finish talking before the next one speaks. Thanks again.