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ZWave motion sensors always saying there is motion

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    ZWave motion sensors always saying there is motion

    Strange issue that has started happening lately. My motion sensors won't reset. It says there is motion and then never reset back to no motion which is causing havoc on my whole setup.

    more information needed


      ZWave sensors. Have 2 a Aerotec Multisensor 5 and a Ecolink. If I remove them and re add them they are fine but as soon as they detect motion they never go back to no-motion after the timeout on the sensor. They always say motion.


        Aetoec Multisensors can give trouble.

        Try this:

        1. Under the device page, Z-wave, hit the "test connectivity" button to make sure it's communicating...

        If so, then

        2. Rescan sensor. This will reset all the settings to default.
        3. Do not change the setting for enabling motion. This is a bug in Homeseer software.
        4. Set parameter 4 to value 5, 1 byte. This is highest sensitivity for motion.
        5. Change Motion Timeout setting to a short interval say one minute to test.

        This should get you going.

        Not sure about the Ecolink

        EDIT: have to wakeup the device if battery powered first. This often is tricky. Half the time the Multisensors wont stay in wakekup mode. I usually will put the unit on USB power to change settings then put the battery back in after all said and done.