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HSMobile communication issues

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    HSMobile communication issues

    Off and on since installing HS4 the mobile app has had periods where the app can't communicate with HS. When navigating between the different tabs at the bottom (dash. devices, etc) it spins for a moment then displays the error "We are having a difficult time talking to HomeSeer..." clicking on the details brings up a lishgtly more verbose error stating:

    An unexpected error has occurred.
    Unexpected character encountered while parsing value T.Path ", line 0 position 0
    This happens via cell signal or local wifi. I am able to log into myhs in the app, but when it attempts to load anything from my system it throws that error. Restarting the server or HS service has no effect, it's seemingly random as to when this happens.

    This behavior was not present in HS3, the only communication issues I had prior to this was the myhs outage last month. Thoughts?