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Z-wave communication lost (sending only) after upgrade to 4.1.2

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    Z-wave communication lost (sending only) after upgrade to 4.1.2

    All of a sudden, I've lost the ability to control all of my Z-wave devices.

    I'm seeing Z-Wave traffic in the logs, but every node is unreachable.

    Even one within a foot or two of the Smartstick.

    Is it possible that my Smartstick cannot send, but can receive commands?

    Running 4.1.12 with a Smartstick+ G2.

    It might help others help you if you copy & paste your System Profile from Tools, Help, Message Board section...


      In all my experimentation I found something interesting.... if your Z-Wave stick were completely wiped your Z-Wave gateway will still happily receive signals from enrolled devices, but sending fails.

      Not saying that is your situation, but I've certainly seen your circumstance before. The solution in that case though, sorry to say, was a full re-enrolment of every device to correct the Z-Wave stick.
      What the actual?!? When I make a sarcastic remark or joke it is moderated/deleted.
      But you specifically go out of your way to label multiple HS4 issues that cause data loss/crash of HS4 to be "grumbles".
      I can't even begin to put into words how offensive this is.


        I had the same thing when I upgraded from HS3 to hs4.
        i could see the traffic but no control.
        for me the solution was to copy the whole folder over with the settings and devices from HS3 to to hs4 as described in the upgrade document.
        worked every time I played with it.
        I believe that somehow a settings file or something else gets damaged and hs starts with some needed info missing.