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Hubitat Device Not Recognized Correctly in Hubitat PI

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    Hubitat Device Not Recognized Correctly in Hubitat PI

    I have a Lightning Detector in Hubitat being pulled in by the Hubitat PI in HS4. It thinks it is a Illuminance, Temperature, Relative Humidity, Water and Atmospheric device. Not even close.

    Can this be fixed to be recognized as a Lightning Detector device in HS?

    Discussion likely should be in Hubitat Elevation forum. What is needed to investigate is the announcement of this device from MakerAPI. One place it shows up is in the debug from HS Hubitat plugin. Debug is enabled in the plugin settings. It gets communicated on startup and with sync/connect request. It can be posted or emailed to mcsSolutions at CenturyTel dot net.

    There are also update messages sent by MakerAPI that are also recorded in debug. These are used to know what property the plugin should be updating.

    It is helpful to know if the HS3 or HS4 plugin is being used.