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Event throwing an error...

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    Event throwing an error...

    I have an event that has been in use for many years and just started throwing the follow error...

    Gazebo Thermostat Cooling On In ProcessEventItem: Item has already been added. Key in dictionary: 'Event_31-Jul-2020 13:09:54.53483225_Gazebo Thermostat Cooling On' Key being added: 'Event_31-Jul-2020 13:09:54.53483225_Gazebo Thermostat Cooling On'

    HS2 is providing the temperature via json and if true I am sending triggering an IFTTT recipe using curl.

    Jon00UptimeHS3 keeps track of the on time and as stated this worked well for a very long time.

    Any ideas as to where this might be coming from would be greatly appreciated!

    Click image for larger version

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    I may have found the problem with this and it appears that version now handles events a little differently than prior versions. By running another event in the middle of the 'THEN' statements, it may be comparable to leaving a subroutine to do something, and then for whatever reason, not returning to complete the rest of the event. I have not experienced the errors since moving the 'Run Event' command to the last item to be executed, ensuring that all of the statements in the event are executed and not left to languish about thereby wreaking untold havok.