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    Originally posted by DJF3 View Post
    I have posted some hacks that
    • Add a SAVE button at the top of device filtering
      Click image for larger version

Name:	homeseer-gui-change-device-filtering.png
Views:	497
Size:	22.6 KB
ID:	1435872
    • Change the EVENT icon colors

      Click image for larger version

Name:	homeseer-gui-change-event-icon-colors-after-1.jpg
Views:	461
Size:	62.1 KB
ID:	1435873Click image for larger version

Name:	homeseer-gui-change-event-icon-colors-after-2.jpg
Views:	506
Size:	58.3 KB
ID:	1435874
    • Change the disabled EVENT colors

      Click image for larger version

Name:	homeseer-gui-change-event-colors-2.jpg
Views:	529
Size:	24.0 KB
ID:	1435871

    Over a year later, just migrated to HS4 and it seems like the stock interface hasn't improved.
    I see you haven't been active since 2021; are you still updating these hacks or did you throw in the towel?
    For other users, do these hacks still work on more recent versions?

    Edit: just saw that all posts on your website dated past dec 2021 are tagged "HomeAssistant".... sigh...
    did you receive any offers from HS for a User Interface Design engineer job? they really need one...

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