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How to Upgrade to HS4...?

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    Originally posted by kenm View Post

    The link in this post returns "Not Found". Where'd the upgrade instructions go?
    All of the guides are on the HomeSeer support page:


      Originally posted by wpiman View Post

      I was cautious and waited to upgrade. I did it maybe a month ago and it has been pretty smooth.... I recommend the alternate procedure because you can run both at separate times.
      You don't have to use the alternate route to be able to run both. Just make a copy of the HS3 folder before the upgrade, which should be done anyways. You can then just navigate to that folder and start HS3.


        Thanks Rupp and mulu . Onward and upward.
        "if I have seen further [than others], it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." --Sir Isaac Newton (1675)


          Is it still true that you have to go in and edit any events that run scripts if you use the alternate method?
          "if I have seen further [than others], it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." --Sir Isaac Newton (1675)


            If you put HS4 into the old HS3 folder, no (that will happen if you follow the instructions). If you want HS4 in a folder called HS4, yes. IF you want to keep HS3 in the original folder and put HS4 in its own folder, yes.
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              ewkearns is right. Personally, I would rather edit the scripts than installing HS4 in the HS3 folder. It just a copy replace. Of course if you have a lot of scripts then it can be a pain to manually open each file but I am sure there are tools for it. In Linux I think you can do it with a simple one liner using sed but I am sure there is also something for Windows.

              Btw, I have put in a request that they introduce a global variable that can be used instead of having to use absolute paths. Hopefully, that way most people scripting will use that instead of hardcoding paths.


                It is already possible to assign a relative path:


                However it should be the default behavior.
                Had to modify all my events and need to make sure I modify the path on each new event/script...

                thanks to zwolfpack for the hint.


                  An interesting observation... I decided to use the alternate method and install HS4 in "HomeSeer HS4" and was pleasantly surprised that all of the events that called scripts continued to work after the migration. As it turned out, the events were running the scripts from the HS3 scripts directory since it was on the same system. These have all been manually edited now to point to the scripts I copied over to the new installation.

                  I also noticed that HS4 does not store an absolute path for the script in events.json, but only the script name and extension.

                  Upgrade completed and besides a "few glitches" due to may own customizations, everything seems to be functioning.

                  Onward and Upward.

                  "if I have seen further [than others], it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." --Sir Isaac Newton (1675)