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HS4 Pro - Windows 10 - Run As Service ???

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    Originally posted by mterry63 View Post

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    This link appears to be broken.



      This might help.
      Zwave = Z-Stick, 3xHSM100� 7xACT ZDM230, 1xEverspring SM103, 2xACT HomePro ZRP210.
      X10 = CM12U, 2xAM12, 1xAW10, 1 x TM13U, 1xMS13, 2xHR10, 2xSS13
      Other Hardware = ADI Ocelot + secu16, Global Cache GC100, RFXtrx433, 3 x Foscams.
      Plugings = RFXcom, ActiveBackup, Applied Digital Ocelot, BLDeviceMatrix, BLGarbage, BLLAN, Current Cost, Global Cache GC100,HSTouch Android, HSTouch Server, HSTouch Server Unlimited, NetCAM, PowerTrigger, SageWebcamXP, SqueezeBox, X10 CM11A/CM12U.
      Scripts =


        I am running HS4 on Win 10 as a service using NSSM. So far it has been rock solid.


          Originally posted by enigmatheatre View Post

          I had seen that in the past - thanks for directing me there again. That is a LONG-WINDED way to do it.

          I wrote a post yesterday >>> Error running script when HS4 run as a service (Windows) - HomeSeer Message Board (Posting #5)

          Which I am using (after much trial and error) on my Windows 7 system ) -- I was having too many issues with Windows 10 around HS4 freezing, disconnecting, and all around unhappiness with it - I still had the original Windows 7 PRO install media for my Thinkpad T61 laptop and I put Windows 7 back on it.

          The steps I used in the posting above - work (so far) like a champ.

          I may at some point try Windows 10 again - but not sure when.