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Kwikset 888 Zwave lock won't unlock - Solved!

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    Kwikset 888 Zwave lock won't unlock - Solved!

    I just got a Kwikset 888 lock. It paired fine and HS created a device for the lock. HS locks it fine but nothing happens when I hit the unlock button. I am using a Zwave Smart Stick+ on a Z2 (not the internal Zwave) and the native Zwave driver for the Zee. HS-V4 HS doesn't throw any error.

    Any help would be appreciated since I'm planning on installing six of these. We just moved into a new home and have a disabled person living here. I need to ensure the locks can be opened in an emergency via Alexa. Or other method.

    Additionally, when I click UNLOCK in HS, HS reports that the lock is unlocked but the lock doesn't respond. If I hit lock again the lock tries to relock even though it's already locked.

    Solved. Spoke to Kwikset, the lock needed to be calibrated in the door.