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Can't send email in HS4

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    Can't send email in HS4

    Ever since I upgraded to HS4 HS will no longer send email. I have more than one email account and they all fail. The setting I'm using are exactly the same as before and identical to those I am sending email from on other device (i.e. Synology NAS.) Errors in the log:

    1/21/2021 3:28:37 PM
    Exception sending email via (,,, Sub:from the zee controller, Attach = Tried to read a line. No data received. Please make sure that antivirus and firewall software are disabled or configured correctly.

    I am running a ZEE II, so there is no firewall to contend with as stated in the message. My email provider says it's an authentication error. One thing I noticed is that while there is an option for an SSL connection there is no option to use secure password authentication - which my providers require. Is anyone else having trouble?

    I am dependent on text messages from HS and need to get this working again.

    Thanks in advance for any help.