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Leverage a single event using central scene of all devices?

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    Leverage a single event using central scene of all devices?


    I used HS2 a long time ago and got out of it for a while, but back at it again and I am now a new HS4 user. I have a number of HS-wd200+ dimmers. What I am trying to accomplish is to turn on a light locally at the switch and have it go on instantly with no ramp, but still be able to dim to a certain level. I know using a local ramp rate of 0 will make it go instant on but it does not allow you to press and hold the paddle to get a certain level of dim because it ramps so fast you can't catch the point to stop.

    So what I have done to enable both local dimming and instant on from the switch is to set local ramp rate to 1 and remote ramp rate to 0. I then created an event for the switch to trap central scene 001 (and 002 for light off) pressed and the set the device to on. This works.

    However, what I don't care to do is to have to create two events (for on and off) for every dimmer in my house so it has this behavior. Is there a way to make just one event of this type to work for any dimmer in a more generic manner? Or, maybe I am going about this the wrong way?


    this topic has come up a couple times in the easytrigger plugin forum. Don't think you can do that yet. You can trigger an event on any device in a group, but you can't have the event action only occur on the device that triggered the event (this is what u want)

    you could try with node-red. still a bit of work, though. create an individual nodered sequence for each light, or create a big sequence for all lights. put a 'switch' node (if statement) from hs4 device output and loop back to hs4 input. in the switch node do it like "if button push central scene = 001 then set msg.payload.....". If you do it for one light you can copy paste it for another light and just change the hs4 device node