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Replacing Insteon PLM

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    Replacing Insteon PLM

    A couple of weeks ago, lightning struck my house and took out a ton of stuff including my PowerLinc USB 2413U. It has no reset light and will not communicate with HS4Pro:

    When I plug in the new PLM I get the following error, which I now know is because it is still looking for the old one:

    8/14/2021 4:12:38 PM Legacy-Plugin~!~Insteon~!~Error: Could not open COM5 - The port 'COM5' does not exist.Startup Complete, 1 errors detected, check the log for more information.

    When I plug in the old one again,

    I get this error:

    Plugin: Insteon Instance: starting...

    Connecting to server at
    Connected, waiting to be initialized...

    In the plug in section in Homeseer I get:
    WARNING: Please check the Interface and enter the Interface Port information on the Config page and restart HS.

    In the Insteon Configuration page I get: :
    ** Unable to communicate with the Insteon powerline interface ***
    Please make sure the interface is configured correctly and restart the plug-in.

    .....because the Insteon PLM died when lightning hit the house (along with TVs and a host of other things).

    I had a hard time following some of the other posts, but if you can would be one of many problems solved. I have over a hundred Insteon devices, and I would prefer not to start from scratch....HELP

    When this has happened to me, as it has several times, I had to go and find out what new comport was assigned do the PLM. Assuming you're on Windows, go to control panel, device manager, com ports, and look at the comport that is assigned. If there is more than one, you will have to figure out which one is for the PLM. Then if you see, for example, COM3 there, that put COM3 into the insteon configuration interface port.


      Or, if you are comfortable with board level repairs, you might be able to resurrect the old one. I repaired my 2413S a few years ago after it just stopped working by replacing 1/2 dozen or so capacitors. If you want to try that, I will see if I can find the link again to the online article with instructions and part numbers...
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