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Schlage instant status not working when readded to HS4 - Solved!

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    Yes I opened a ticket myself. Its a relief to know that others are experiencing issues and not just me. Do you know if there is even a way of downgrading to the previous z-wave version? I can't find any documentation.


      Just closing the loop on my end. I looked in my Z-Wave Controller Management page and expanded the top section. Apparently the "No HomeSeer Associations" checkbox WAS checked. Once I UN-checked it and rescanned my locks it added the return route.


        So I wound up with 2 incorrectly added nodes, named "Sigma Entry Control". I was able to remove one using the Zwave command in the plugin. But the other would not exclude/remove. Only when I used the Remove Bad Node via the Zwave menu in the device would it go away. This makes no sense (reference earlier comment and request about Zwave menus).

        I then used the Zwave controller menu from the PI to include the lock again, this time with my laptop and Smartstick+ very close by. It added a new node no problem. However, the node does not look like what I expected based on the originally added node when installing the lock first time. Below is what I have now. Looks like some devices are missing.

        Ideas on this please?