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Limiting Google Home access for second MyHS account

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  • dbrunt
    Someone please correct me if I am wrong but I believe the HS flag for Google Home Discovery is either on or off and is not associated with any user accounts therefore if it is on it is published through MyHS to Google regardless of which credentials are used in Google. I don't believe there is granular account control on the HS side over that. If there were, I think there would be a grid of checkmarks for each user account for each of Alexa Discovery, Google Discovery, Local Voice Control and Local Voice Command Confirm.

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  • zerolife24
    started a topic Limiting Google Home access for second MyHS account

    Limiting Google Home access for second MyHS account

    What I'm trying to archive is to have two Google Home accounts - 1) Has access to all devices and 2) Only has access to specific devices and this account is linked with the Nest Mini in the Guest Room. So the idea is that the Guest room Nest Mini can't control any devices outside the Guest room

    I have MyHS Premium service and created separate MyHS as well as Google account for the Guest room. In HS4, I've also created a new user account with the same user name as the "guest" MyHS account and limited it to have access to the guest room devices only. However if I link the "guest" MyHS account to the Google account, I still see all the devices in the house.

    I am missing anything?