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Config File from HS3 to HS4 missing?

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    Originally posted by Rupp View Post

    You probably only needed to keyin your HS4 servers ipaddress/register.html to continue but it sounds like that ship has sailed. Waiting longer to upgrade is actually the worst thing you can do as the upgrade procedures were designed when HS4 was first release and a lot has changed since then.
    I do agree. It's about 18 hours of work, that I didn't want to do now, this weekend. But I had some junk scripts and junk created events, so starting from scratch with a new HS4 build and echo system may be better in the long run. much cleaner this time around... A lot of my events, like HUE lights flash when it rains on the weatherflow station or my gate opens, were tied into jowihue, now using the included HUE HS4 plugin, I would have had to rewrite those events anyway.

    I feel like a migrated file version of HS3 won't be as stable as a clean new build of HS4, so I'm happy it worked out this way, albeit frustrated I wasted so much time trying to upgrade and move my data and configs.

    I hope in the future, where there is an HS5 or overhaul, that more time is put into the upgrade process. Many users aren't able to dive in deep, and just want a simple UPGRADE button and the back end does the work. Like a Windows machine, with new updates or new iterations of redstone, or windows 11 coming. The OS upgrade will make the system changes, registry changes in the back end, but the user data and files are migrated in a more autonomous way, so there is little headache.