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Event Options - Enable Advanced Features

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    Event Options - Enable Advanced Features

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    Hi, just upgraded to 4.

    Not able to enable advanced features, it is greyed-out.

    Any idea?

    It's probably because your Event was created in HS3 (or in HS4 using the legacy HS3 User Interface). I think if you delete the event and re-create it in HS4 using the HS4 Event UI that the Advanced Features will be enabled. I came from HS3 and am still drawn to the legacy HS3 UI within HS4. I often get bitten by creating or modifying things with the HS3 UI and having them not work as expected under HS4. The HS4 Events Page is http://[your hs server]/events.html The legacy HS3 Events Page is http://[your hs server]/events (without the .html) Over time I have pushed myself to rely on the HS4 pages especially as the HS team continues to make improvements.


      Thanks, it is still greyed out.

      Created a new group with a new event using /events.html at the end.