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Z-wave Lock Management: No more user codes, max is 0

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    Originally posted by ewkearns View Post
    What has actually happened, here, and how did it happen? This device was enrolled at some time in the past, and then failed after working properly for a period of time. How does the suggested work-around work? And why? How does a device become improperly enrolled?
    I dont believe a device goes bad after being enrolled. It's not like milk where it spoils over time.
    That said, a rescan will usually interrogate the device and sync it up with HomeSeer.
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      Originally posted by begunfx View Post

      If you add codes via the device directly, you cannot manage them via homeseer. That's the only drawback. It's either all through HomeSeer or not at all (as far as I understand).
      Yes, but you still should be able to add the code. Its a temporary fix, but easier than having to re-include the lock.

      And I am still thinking that deleting all of the codes (through the keypad) may, even if temporarily, eliminate the problem. You could still use Homeseer to re-add all the codes back in.

      I would try it, but I am not experiencing the issue.