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Setting up Secure SRT321 (Horstman HRT 4-ZW) - SOLVED

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    Setting up Secure SRT321 (Horstman HRT 4-ZW) - SOLVED

    Setting up a Secure SRT321

    It has been a bit tricky setting up my Secure SRT321 Thermostats with Homeseer so I thought I'd write a guide just in case anyone else has the same problems.

    The basic issue is that the Thermostat is a "CONTROLLER" not a "SLAVE" so all the features will not automatically be picked up by Homeseer (Which it would do if it were a SLAVE device). So, tt means you have to work a bit harder to get it working. In essence, you need to set up GROUP associatesions to get all the features working

    Here's how I did it:

    1) In the Secure SRT321, set the Dip switch 1 into Installer mode (push towards the top of the unit)
    2) Rotate the dial on the Thermostat until it reads "L"
    3) Start the Z-Wave 4 plug in and select "Advanced functions"
    4) In the Z-Wave 4 plug in select the Functino "Add Unsecure" then click "Continue" (If you have a LATER vesion of SRT321 then you can use the normal "Add Device")
    5) Move the Thermostat close to your Z-Wave controller and press the dial on the front of the Thermostat. The "L" will flash in the Thermostat display.
    6) Go back to the Z-Wave plug in and click "Start"
    7) The Thermostat should get included. The Dislay on the Thermostat goes from "L" to "LP" which implies it "passed".
    8) Since this was Added Unsecure it will be placed in a "Floor" with a system generated name (which is the z-wave node number). If you are using a later version and used "Add Device" then you will need to select the Floor and room.
    9) Go back to HS4 and check the root device and the children generated. There should be three child devices: (a) Battery (b) Temperature (c) Heating Setpoint

    Out of the box, this thermostat will NOT measure temperature. You need to set some paramters.
    These are the parameters:

    1) Temperature sensor: 1 byte. Default = 0
    0x00 (0) - 0x7f (127) Disable temperature sensor
    0x80 (128) - 0xff (255) Enable temperature sensor

    2) Temperature scale: 1 byte. Default = 0
    0x00 (0) - 0x7f (127) Celsius
    0x80 (128) - 0xff (255) Fahrenheit

    3) Delta temperature (0.1C steps) Default 10
    1 - 100 - Delta temperature in 0.1C steps

    To set the paramters, make sure the DIP swich 1 is set to Installer mode and rotate the dial should read "LI" (not "L")
    You can then set the parameters of the device using the Z-Wave tab on the device parent.
    I set mine:
    Parameter 1 = 255 (Temperature sensor ON)
    Parameter 2 = left default of 0 (Celsius)
    Parameter 3 = Changed to 5 (half degree steps)

    Now since this is seen as a CONTROLLER and not a SLAVE, it means that Homeseer will not automatically read the settings from this Thermostat.
    You need to set up "Associations" which allows the Thermostat to communicate with your controller

    These are the available associations:
    Group 1 - Nodes controlled by Thermostat Mode SET command
    Group 2 - Nodes controlled by Binay Swich SET command
    Group 3 - Nodes to receive unsoliticed Battery Level Reports or Low Battery Warnings
    Group 4 - Nodes to receive Thermostat Set Point Reports
    Group 5 - Nodes to receive unsolicited Multilevel Sensor Reports

    You will therefore need to set up Groups 1, 3,4 and 5 to link to Homeseer to get this fully working (I actually set all of the Group associations)
    From the Z-Wave 4 plug in select "Manage Associations", selet the device then set the Groups 1,3,4 and 5 to be "HomeSeer" (or all of them if you want)

    Finally change the DIP swich 1 back so it is not in "Installer" mode and you are done!

    Hope this helps someone.

    I too have used one these for a few years now with the receiver unit. The only things I've done differently is set wake up interval to 15min and i've at to set polling on Temp Setpoint to 10min (must be under wakeup interval) for a change in setpoint within HS to report correctly in thermostat.
    I also add receiver in normal way which generate 2 child devices: Control Binary on/off and Mode off/Heat. effectively bot hthe same but because this does not have assciation class, I poll these too, to get true state reported back in HS. Once Receiver is setup, I directly associate Group 2 of Thermostate to Receiver so that thermostat diectly controls the boiler. The manual says use Group 1 but I've had issues on Group 2.
    I use the " This Device Has a Value that Just Changed:" to trigger a push message whenever the Setpoint has changed (either remotely or locally)