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Device assignments disappeared

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    Device assignments disappeared

    I've been using HS4 since migrating early on and it's worked great for a long time. In the last day or two, however, it stopped working entirely. After a bit of troubleshooting, I discovered (using Plugins -> Z-Wave -> Device Information) that most of the devices were no longer mapped properly (only 2 were mapped while the other 65 or so were not).

    After a bit more exploration, I stumbled upon the "Create Missing HomeSeer Devices" function on the Advanced Functions page. That ran for a while and after letting it settle, everything works again - my events work and I can control things remotely.

    However, it turns out that it just created duplicate devices with the same node numbers. I discovered this after noticing new nodes on the Devices page with floor set to "Node #" (e.g. Node 4) and room set to "Z-Wave" and then spending some time looking at the devices.json file (converted to CSV).

    Q1: How do I clean up my system?

    Q2: How did the real nodes disappear from the Device Information page?

    Q3: Why did it create duplicate devices instead of using the existing devices?

    Q4: I miss the feature of HS3 where I could see - and even modify - the node number for a device from the properties displayed from the Devices page. Having this available might have helped me in my troubleshooting. Any chance it might be added back in?

    For completeness, here's my configuration:
    • HomeTroller PRO
    • Windows 10 Pro - I upgraded to Window Pro so I could RDP into it from a remote machine
    • Z-NET Network Z-Wave Plus Controller for communicating with Z-Wave devices, communicating over hard wire (configured HS4 to use IP address)

    Well, that's interesting David because I have the same issue and am also flumoxed as to how to fix it.

    I had 102 devices in "Device Information" and now I only see one!

    I will try your trick of "Create Missing HomeSeer Devices" and see if that works (after I do a backup) and report back.


    Didn't work for me. It did not re-create any drvices. I am left with ONE. I have a horrible feeling I need to re-include all 102 of my devices.


      I have also had a poke around in the interface backup files and my backed up *.zwave files do correctly have my devices in them.
      Howeever, when I do a restore from those files, I don't see the devices restored (even though they are listed in the file)


        After a series of restarts and reboots due to some weird network shenanigans, the weirdest thing happened. It looks like my devices are now showing up in Device Information again. So weird. I still have a mess to clean up because of all the devices that were created when did the "Create Missing HomeSeer Devices", but it looks like there is some self-healing functionality in HS4.

        metkhoo keep me posted on your journey. I'll be interested to hear if yours eventually heals itself as well.


          Hi David, So I uninstalled Z-Wave plug in and installed the HS3 version. When I looked at interfaces, I saw a "rogue" interface that did not show up in the V4 Z-wave plug in. I have deleted it.

          As far as I know, the "Create Missing HomeSeer Devices" is supposed to copy FROM the controller to HS4 rather than the other way around.

          Also, I "thought" that a "Plug-ins > Z-Wave > Advanced functions > Restore Interface from Backup" would do the trick but, whilst the source file DOES contain all the devices, the Restore never works and I am left with 1 device (the controller) only.

          I'll keep you posted..


            Well this is interesting... I just checked "Device Information" and the battery operated items have reappeared.

            I'll keep you updated.