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How to resync the Z-Wave interface to HS?

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    How to resync the Z-Wave interface to HS?

    I have just noticed that when I look at the Z-Wave devices from the plug in I see only one node.
    However I have about 1000 devices listed in HS4 and they all seem to work OK to my Z-Wave relays etc.

    How do I get my HS4 devices "back in" to the USB stick? - Or can I just ignore this?


    All Z-wave nodes are stored in the hardware controller (your USB stick), HS4 reads the node information from the controller and creates virtual representations of them in HS4.

    have you tried rebooting everything?

    When you look at them in the plugin, a screen shot would be helpful. Also make sure you're looking at the correct Z-wave network (people sometimes mess up and create multiple/phantom networks in their installation).


      Thanks for the response. I think i am in the situation where the "virutal" devices exist and work but they dont somehow exist in the Stick.

      Does anyone know how to push the virtual devices into the stick?

      For example, how would I replace my Stick in the future (say if it failed)?


        BTW. I rebooted everything and it is the same.


          Originally posted by metkhoo View Post
          Thanks for the response. I think i am in the situation where the "virutal" devices exist and work but they dont somehow exist in the Stick.

          That's impossible, it's not the way Z-wave works. The controller (your stick) is what holds the relationship with the endpoint devices. If they did not exist in the USB controller then nothing would work. HS4 is just an abstraction layer providing a graphical representation of the nodes stored in the controller.

          What version of the Z-wave plugin are you using and which USB stick?


            TC1 - So it must be something about HS4 and display of the nodes right?

            My system:
            Z-Wave plug in is currently BETA
            My stick is a ""

            Something has happened overnight and I can now see more devices in "Device Information" - however, these are all battery operated items - none of my Z-Wave mains relays are shown. All relays still work btw.

            I'll reboot again and check tomorrow


              I can't help you any further without screen shots since I will not use the 4.x Z-wave plugin until they work out all the issues/bugs. I am still on 3.x plugin running under HS4.x
              As you've already surmised, all of your devices work, so as I previously mentioned, not seeing them in "Device Information" is simply a cosmetic issue.
              There is also a function to reset the Z-wave database, which might have become corrupted. Follow the directions here:
              Reset Data - Products (‚Äč


                Thanks TC1. I have reverted back to 3.x following your lead. I noticed there was a reset option to reprogram the USB from the HS database which I used. I will give more feedback and some screenshots when it settles down.