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Email Trigger (receiving) Not Working

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    Email Trigger (receiving) Not Working

    I have searched the forums for this subject -- there is plenty on it but nothing of substance that has solved my email woes in HS4.

    Under setup -> email the parameters are configured properly. The credentials and proper ports for email are in. I can manually trigger sending email fine. However HS4 does not poll for emial using the predefined interval. The interval is set to 5 (minutes). When the settings page is saved, the email server is polled (log entries are generated). Google apps (gmail) is configured for POP and I can access the box using outlook or other pop client. I can manually trigger the event from the events page using the "run" button for the event to run.


    The log entries show incorrect number of messages found. It shows some random number between 2 or even few thousand.

    The HS4 polling of the pop mailbox does not happen automatically thereafter.

    The messages in the mailbox are not "read" or "accessed" - they do not disappear from the mailbox. Gmail is set to delete the messages are accessed.

    No error events are logged in the HS4 log or the event viewers. Box has been restarted numerous times. As it is, the automation events cannot be triggered on HS4 via email.

    Any suggestions?