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Where to look for trouble with running an event?

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    Where to look for trouble with running an event?

    I took advice from another thread and created a startup and shutdown timer to monitor when HS starts and stops.
    Everything was working fine until I upgraded the PC HS runs on.
    Now it takes about 40 seconds to reboot and for some reason the shutdown timer event doesn't run properly.

    From the log:
    1/23/2023 12:57:57 HomeSeer Shutdown Shutdown Script Completed
    1/23/2023 12:57:57 HomeSeer Event Event Trigger "Timers Shutdown Timer"
    1/23/2023 12:57:56 HomeSeer Shutdown Running shutdown script ...ā€‹
    But the event:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	event.png
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    And the timers themselves:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	timers.png
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    The thing is is does run sometimes, that's how I know it takes 40 seconds to reboot but it hasn't been working for a little while now.

    And the actual event:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	event2.png
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    You can turn on debug event logging with:


    I'm not sure if that will help narrow it down or not though...
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      Where are you restarting the timer? The timing is critical because HS stops processing Events almost immediately after shutdown is initiated. I reset the timer at the top of my shutdown script with a scripting statement and immediately call a cleanup Event. My cleanup Event is simple with only a couple of actions.

      Imports System.Diagnostics
      Sub Main(Parm As Object)
      hs.TimerReset("HS Downtime")
      hs.WriteLog("Shutdown", "(RAPShutdown.vb script) Scripting is OK and is now running RAPShutdown.vb")
      ' Speak - comment the next line if you do not want HomeSeer to speak at shutdown
      ' hs.Speak("Home-Seer has been shut down", True, "$SONOS$ALERT$")
      hs.RunScriptFunc ("Maximum Uptime.vben","LastRun","",True,True)
      End Sub
      HS4 Pro, Windows 10 pro


        As shown in the picture, I set it to 0 first, then start it in the event.
        If you're saying that won't work then neither would the timer itself since that's also in the event.

        I just tried the reset in the script and it still didn't work, although the log still says it ran.
        Also, running the event manually does work.


          Iā€™m out of ideas. The method I use works reliably here and I have added the same logic to several other systems for friends. It works for them as well. I reset the timer in the script and start it in the cleanup event. The call in the script is redundant since starting a timer starts it at 0.
          HS4 Pro, Windows 10 pro


            Started noticing a few other things that weren't working right, even posted about the trouble where the files attributes weren't set correctly so I reinstalled HS and all is good again.
            Thanks for the effort though!
            Especially since you were the one who gave me the shutdown timer idea.


              randy Are you running any Linux systems that use the shutdown script?
              I thought it was fixed but it's not running events again. Tried on 2 other Linux systems and they don't run events or control devices from the shutdown script either.


                I only run Windows.
                HS4 Pro, Windows 10 pro