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PG&E Smart Meter energy monitoring

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    PG&E Smart Meter energy monitoring

    Since PG&E has seriously raised it's electric rates in the last few years (like 60% over 5 years), I would like to monitor usage via the Smart Meter on my home.
    PG&E has a 'stream your usage' program, but only for a few approved devices.
    The Smart Meter is apparently a zigbee device. That's good, HS has a zigbee plugin.

    Is anyone doing this? If so, what zigbee device is used? and what plugin is used?

    Thanks way in advance....

    I'd be interested in this as well but I've never been able to get any information on it. My smart meter is from Silver Spring Networks. Is that the same brand of meter you have?

    For now, I use an Aeotec Gen5 Z-Wave Plus Whole House Energy Monitor.



      Trying to get this online as we speak. Encountered problems, possibly due to it being on the same zigbee channel (11) as my zigbee2mqtt install. Just moved the latter to a different channel and now working with rainforest support trying to reestablish connection with the meter.

      There's an HS3 plugin (Rainforest Eagle) that I'll investigate when/if I get it working.

      Check with your utility (keyword HAN - Home Area Network) to see if they support this or other such devices. I'm with SCE.