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Alexa only uses "Control Use" commands

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    Originally posted by TC1 View Post

    Ahh the other Homeseer skill. I'll have to investigate, but I don't do any of those you listed.
    The reality is that the HS Skill is limited to just controlling simple On/Off and 0 - 100 Dim devices. It also supports setting color on smart bulbs. That's it.

    When you look at the latest Alexa API, we could be controlling and getting status of so many more different types of devices, just by using natural language commands:

    Smart Home Skill APIs | Alexa Skills Kit (‚Äč


      I got a response from HS. Apparently there is some internal report about this. So if you want to provide further input I suggest you submit a ticket for a feature request. Companies always prioritize and what causes them issues, what they think they should do and on USER INPUT (and the number of such requests matters).