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HS3 to HS4 plus Linux upgrade

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    HS3 to HS4 plus Linux upgrade

    I've been unsuccessfully trying to upgrade my HS3 Ubuntu 14.04 VM to HS4 for about 2 years now and every time I try it fails.
    The upgrade is very simple - just untar the package over the install directory - but it continually asks me for a valid license and homeseer support has never solved the issue. Between work and life I just haven't had the endurance to figure it out since my HS3 install works great.

    I'm also running Ubuntu from 2019 and need to get that updated.

    Would it make sense to build a net new clean VM running Ubuntu 22 LTS with a fresh HS4 install then try to migrate from my old HS3 to new HS4 VM?

    Or should I upgrade my 14.04 Ubuntu in place to 22 (not sure how many steps that may be) then keep muscling through the HS4 licensing issue with support?
    Since I'm running in a VM I can easily snapshot and rollback (which I've done many many times trying to get to HS4).

    Has anyone heard of a license issue going to HS4?