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    Originally posted by stubble36 View Post
    I see many folks posting about using switches or handheld devices for scenes, whether dimming lights, setting a certain ambiance or whatever that may be. Why wouldn't you integrate with Alexa / Google or using motion detectors? We don't touch any switches in our house unless there is a failure with Alexa. 100% of everything we do is by voice or motion controlled. All of the Alexa units are mounted under or behind furniture so they are not visible and things are kept clean and crisp. Do you choose to use scenes out of preference over voice? Way back when we first started with automation, we used scenes, but once Alexa integration came about, that didn't seem to be the most efficient way, at least in my opinion. Again, just curious and don't mean this comment as a slight to anyone using scenes. Just trying to understand if maybe I'm missing out on something. :-)
    I love Alexa control for things where automation can't happen, but my wife almost refuses to use voice control. When she does have to use it, she is almost robotic herself in issuing the command That said, she would much rather use HSMobile since she is always on her phone.
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      Originally posted by randy View Post
      I just picked up 5 more from Vesternet last year. Looks like the are about $10 more expensive now, but they have them in stock. We also use a few Hank remotes they are really handy - 4 buttons with press, double press and held, for a total of 12 actions.
      Thanks for the suggestion on Vesternet. I recall seeing them but wasn't so sure about the website. I just ordered a couple of the remotec units.


        I am seeing a reoccurring theme on the use of handheld devices over Alexa... It appears to all be our wives preference! Lol... I guess I am the only one with an exception. My wife will talk Alexa's head off. We have commands for every room in the house but for the second story I made it simple when coming downstairs, just say Alexa, second floor off and boom - everything on the second floor is off and thermostat is reduced. But would my wife do that... Noooo - she has to call every single individual room and ask Alexa to turn it off. I swear, there are some days she talks to Alexa more than me... (not that I am complaining) :-)