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    Should I Upgrade My Hub

    I've had a HomeTroller Pi hub for a couple of years and, generally, I'm happy, but I'm wondering if I should upgrade. I have 70 or 80 devices in my home, mostly Z-Wave, but I do integrate some other things. I have a few Zigbee devices (I have the Nortek Z-Wave/Zigbee stick in my Pi), I have a MyQ garage door controller and I use the HomeSeer MyQ plug-in, and I've done a bunch of Alexa integration too. I have quite a number of events, and I've also done some C# scripting for some specialty stuff (I've been a software engineer for over 40 years). I have enough events that when I go to the HS4 Events page, loading it is very slow.
    So, I'm wondering if I should upgrade. Should I upgrade to a HomeTroller Plus hub? Sometimes, in my Pi environment, Z-Wave commands fail and, as I mentioned, loading the HS4 events page is very slow. Would the HomeTroller Plus be helpful in this regard? I'm a bit leery of the Windows environment, but do you guys like that (my daily driver is a Mac, and my present work gig is doing a bunch of development on AWS Linux-based instances, so I'm pretty comfortable working with the Pi-based environment). How do you access the Windows box--through Windows Desktop Management? Does the Windows-based HS4 software behave differently than the Pi-based system? Would converting simply entail backing up my Pi-based environment and restoring that to the HomeTroller Plus? Or, should I get my own hardware and roll my own installation?

    And should I consider HS4 Pro? Is there something to be gained with that?

    Thanks for your help and consideration!

    The Plus hub is significantly "snappier" than the Pi hub and definitely loads the device and events pages much faster. We used the Pi hub to power our office system about a year ago and switched over to the Plus hub. I also use a Plus hub to run my system at home. That said.... a PRO hub is actually faster as it's Celeron CPU benchmarks roughly 2x as fast as the Plus hub's Celeron CPU. A factory-renewed PRO hub is just $499 at the moment and includes the full warranty and return policy.
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