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    Originally posted by SmartyPants View Post
    This will probably get removed but I'll dump it here anyway.

    I have, over the last year or so, found myself more and more disheartened with Homeseer. When I upgraded to HS4, I had nothing but problems, and while I expect some gremlins with new software, I couldn't really see what benefit there was to HS4 over HS3 other than a few minor things.

    I went back to HS3 and left my system running, as usual, in it's very reliable state.
    I've have spent many days creating dashboards with Jon00's HSTiles and think that was great compared with having to learn the expensive designer software, which sadly I bought and never used.

    But here's the thing. So many things I wanted to do with HS I couldn't, because either there wasn't a plugin or I'm not a expert in scripting.
    For my heating system integration I had to move to Domoticz and then integrate that with HS. Many other things I gave up on including my cctv integration (motion alerts).

    But recently I came across a builtin addon for Home Assistant which created motion sensor devices for my cameras. I just added 4 short lines of code in the HA configuration file and HA auto created motion sensors from the cctv streams. Happy days.

    It was while testing Home Assistant that I realised just how modern and advanced it was. Even HS4 didn't have anywhere near this level of options and usability.

    Since delving into HA, I've found that I can integrate my heating system too and all the things I wanted to do with HS but couldn't, are just a click or two away.

    One of the real big bonuses though is their dashboards which are so easy to configure and ready to go out the box. A little basic perhaps, but loads of potential.

    SurprisIng me more was their app. I thought it would be just a few buttons to control stuff, but no, you have the whole HA interface at your disposal, all laid out in a simple, easy to use way. You can even pull up your ssh shell to configure stuff that way if you prefer, and it's so well laid out to use.

    I tried tonight to include some zwave devices. The process was easy and for some reason quicker than Homeseer. One of the best parts about zwave configuration is that all the parameters for the device are listed with a description and drop down boxes to select what values you want. Changes occur instantly. A million times quicker than Homeseer.

    I could go on. But It'll only get removed, so I'm here to say that if you are fed up of your current automation software, take a look at home assistant. After 2-3 hours I'm blown away by it and after testing the zwave devices a bit more, I'm moving my whole installation over to it gradually.

    In my honest opinion, the only thing HST have right now, are very loyal customers. Their software is so far behind it's painful to see.

    With that said, HS3 for me was the jewel in the crown. It was exceptionally reliable and HST zwave integration is probably one of the better ones... but that ain't enough.

    I will say thanks to Jon00's while I'm at it, I used loads of his software to make HS do what it should do out of the box. I spent countless hours working with his HSTiles, and I hope you all continue to appreciate his free work.
    Good luck. But please be aware that HomeSeer is a product and HomeAssistant is a project.