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New Odd Behavior when myHS Service Stops and Starts

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    New Odd Behavior when myHS Service Stops and Starts

    I'm running and noticed this behavior starting with I performed the upgrade on 3/8/23.

    Each night at 03:00 local time the MyHS service stops, restarts, connects to MyHS and then acknowledges my license. This has been going on each night for years. No issues. As soon as I upgraded to (and then I began to notice unexpected behavior in one of my events.

    Background: I have an event that runs a script every 5 seconds that grabs energy values from a handful of HS Devices and saves them to a MySQL database. I have the event properties set to only run one script at a time. I've been running this for several years without issues.

    After the upgrade to the 4.2.18.x versions I began seeing warnings in the log immediately following the nightly MyHS service activity. Specifically that my energy database script would not run because it's already running. I would get 2 or 3 of these warnings depending on how long it took the MyHS service activity to complete.

    I speculated that these error were caused HS queueing up the events that should have occurred during the time the MyHS service activity was going on and then processing them all once it was completed. That would explain the log warning if HS was trying to process 2 or 3 script events at the same time.

    I then went into my database to see what data had been saved during the MyHS service activity. A suspected, nothing had been saved because the script wasn't being run. I went all the way back to when I did the upgrade. No data had been saved during this time since the upgrade. I went back prior to the upgrade and the data was being saved.

    My conclusion is that something changed in 4.2.18.x that changes the way HS4 handles events during the nightly MyHS service activity. The impact is not huge for me as it's only 10 - 15 seconds at the most assuming my internet connection is up and running.


    Any thoughts?