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Can I just install HS3-PRO on my Hometroller SE - Yes!

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    Can I just install HS3-PRO on my Hometroller SE - Yes!

    I purchased a Hometroller SE last September that came with HS2 installed. The invoice stated "Free upgrade to HS3". I think I am ready to make the move to HS3.

    I would really appreciate hearing from anyone who has done this upgrade.

    1. Do I need to upgrade the OS? Currently installed is Windows XP Embedded, Version 2002, Service Pack 3.

    2. Anyone using the 32GB SSD upgrade? Is that recommended for the new version?

    3. Any other pit falls I should avoid in doing the upgrade?


    Any one?


      A reminder... the message board is for user to user support. Personally, i "skim" the board every day or two or when I have the time. Rupp is on the board a lot more often. Still, things get missed. Questions like this are probably better answered by us directly via the helpdesk

      Having said that, yes... you can install HS3 directly onto an SE without an OS change. This should be fairly smooth. Refer to the upgrade thread (sorry, don't know the link by heart) for the procedure. You will have to recreate events.
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