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    I asked about that to HS sales, they said it was going to be XXXX.XX and as i understood it pretty much a stand alone unit to take the place of PC with HS installed.

    here is the quote i got back from sales

    The PRO-100 is a very small form factor PC (11"x7"x2") that is running embedded Windows XP and HomeSeer software. Compared to a conventional computer solution (running HS), the PRO-100 should prove to be significantly more reliable (no moving parts) and is certainly less expensive to operate (15 watts power consumption).
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      Wow! I can get 3 or 4 PC's for that! I hope they sell a lot of them but I certainly wont be buying on at that kind of price. It would appear that these are targeted more at the higher end anyway.

      Good luck HS!


        I asked Rick about this device a while back and If I remember correctly it comes with your choice of 2 plugins, I think a voice or 2 and a special phone support number as well as HS 2.0.

        As professional installs go this is probably on par with other hardware/software devices.


          I agree with Rupp on this one for sure. Most of us have built our own systems, nickeled and dimed to get a Touchscreen on eBay or similar means. We have installed modems with the Conetex chipset, and made them work with HSP, and endlessly fiddled and tweaked the system over time. For the most part, and I also speak for myself, we are spoiled by the bargains we get, and how we are able to incorporate them. This is simply something that most people can't do, or just dont want to do.

          The system is for a high end market, for non do-it-yourselfers, and it is a pretty sweet package indeed. If I had a extra couple grand just laying around, I certainly wouldnt mind having one!

          For the non technical end user, it is the cream of the crop and ready to go when plugged in for the most part. For being a high end sollution, it is still FAR less than many of the other systems that are professionally installed, and built.

          For a professional installer, It is a perfect tool to start with as the brains of an entire home installation, and if you are hiring an installer, such as Sound Advice, to do a complete install, the $XXXX for the HS box is pennies when compared to the rest.

          Just to give an idea, I did a quick Google search for home automation hardware, and fould the following device in one of the first results. It is a 64mb system, that can control another computer via Cat5 or an cat5 to x10 controller. It goes for $2400! Heres the link The Pro 100 from HS on the other hand, IS the full computer, OS and HS with Cat5, HSP and modem ect, a complete sollution for less than $XXXX.
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            MY question is if I want this to be my primary HA system can I load other relevant software on it. (Native management tools for my subsystems.) Also, it has no moving parts which means no disk drive, what are its storage abilities? Does one need to use NAS?



              Rob - The unit will be shipped with a 512Mb flash memory card, similar to those used in digital cameras. That will serve to house the embedded OS and HomeSeer. There's still plenty of room on that card for other programs too, if needed... and... it's expandable since you can always add external storage using the USB 2.0 ports on the back of the unit.

              Rupp - We've amended the original config: The unit will ship with ALL 8 *HomeSeer* plug-ins enabled!


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                You could allways just buy the PC, it's called NEO from LEX.
                There is several different ones, one with 4 comports for instance.
                Check here, click on NEO


                  I like the unit, and I am familiar with the underlying hardware, and it really would make a stable system. This system will definitely sell to people who want a pretty black box which can do all the cool stuff HS does now. The only concern that I have is that Flash media has limitations on the read and write cycles, and since both the OS and HS are running from this media, I am wondering how this will be addressed?

                  Btw, if this is the real XP embedded version (and not just a stripped down XP version), then you won't be able to just install any other software on it, unless the required components (system drivers, etc.) are on the system already.
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                    Upgrade Price ? sort of

                    I would be interested in this box at this price if I was just getting started. With all the software pre-loaded then I think the price to be fair, if I had to buy it all again but I dont.

                    I already own HS, HSP and the plugs I need for now, as for my hardware I am always looking to upgrade and I do plan to upgrade sometime this year. This box would be at the top of my list, if there was a price break for those who don't need/want to pay for the software again. Kind of like an Upgrade price?



                      The Pro-100 is not a direct consumer product. Go try and buy one on the HST website, you can't. It is only available to dealers and installers. It wasn't designed to be a do it yourself product. So although it would be nice to buy the hardware by itself, I would be surprised if HST did that, and I am sure there are other companies out there that would sell you just the hardware. I might have considered it, but I just purchased the parts to build a new HA server so that isn't an option for me anymore.