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    PRO-100 Backup Research

    Ive been doing some research to see if i come up with an easy way to backup the entire machine regularly to a network drive like i have going on with about 20 of our servers in NYC.
    This way should a catastophic failure occur I would only need a new piece of hardware and a boot disc to return to normal. The process would use a complete image to restore all drives, files, installs, and plugins with no extra configuration. Essentially a one step restoration.

    Anyway I tried to install Acronis True Image Home 2009 on the Pro100 last night after testing its features and functions on a couple XP, vista, and windows 7 boxes.... The sad news is that the PRO-100 gagged right on the install with a "delay write error" to the c drive.... Now im not sure if it is being caused by the flash protection or what else might be to blame for this. I saw nothing like it on any other computer that ive tested with... And its a real shame because the product seems to work very well everywhere else.

    I was thinking of disabling the write protection first ... Then trying the install again. Anyone had a similar error with another product?

    After this its off to HP Mediasmart WHS to see if it has what it takes to create a viable solution.


    The poll is expired.

    Your poll is a bit ambiguous. Yes I backup the Homeseer directory daily on several other network machines but not my entire Hometroller drive.


      I thought it was pretty straight forward... It could be a network or USB drive. I wasnt looking for exact details... Just a poll of whether or not people had self running unsupervised/automated backups. Its pretty surprising these days how many in the general community dont have any type of backup for their irreplaceable data. I thought it would be interesting to see how "we the automators" compared.