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Temp folder use eventually results in Delayed Write Failed

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    Temp folder use eventually results in Delayed Write Failed

    After the PRO100 has been running for several hours it starts to get Windows Delayed Write Failures and these show up in the event log as event ID 50. This writing to the event log produces more of these because the event log also appears to be on the C drive. This continues until the system is no longer functional.

    When I search the event log it appears that this starts because the C:\Documents and Settings\Local Settings...Temp folder is being used as a scratchpad area. I have seen "banner.exclude.htm", "jet388.tmp", and others related to temporary internet files.

    If I look in the C:\Documents and Settings\Local Service\Local Settings\Temp folder I see a slew of perflib_Perfdata_xxx.dat files. In the logged-in user account \Local Settings\Temp there are a large number of ~xxx.tmp files. In all there are over 1000 files in the C:\Documents and Settings\ folder.

    In addition to the base HSPRO software install I have added SQL Server 2005 with the install path on the D drive, but MS still puts many of the files in the C drive. The primary resource users are the downloads from the internet by various applications and the recording of sensor data to the SQL database.

    The basic question is how to keep the C drive from being used in a manner that eventually results in the Windows Delayed Write Failed errors.

    I would try transferring the TEMP dirs to the D: drive.
    I don't know if what I attached is applicable to what you are doing.
    If it doesn't need to be on the C: drive I usually tried to keep them on the D: drive.
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      Do you have HSprotect turned enabled or disabled?


        This is when HSProtect is active. I suspect it would not be a problem if the protection was not used. I also found a registry hack to change the User Profile location. I did not try it. I will first try Bill's suggestion. In this case I changed everything I could to the D drive. I will let it run tonight and see what the morning brings.