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Help with an old PRO100 - Solved!

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    Help with an old PRO100 - Solved!

    Hi everyone,

    I have an old PRO100 unit that I bought on eBay back in 2006 or so, and I tried to get it configured for a while back then, and then got frustrated with it and put it away.

    I'd like to know if there's any hope in upgrading the device to the latest version of HomeSeer. The getting started manual I have says copyright 2005, so I am guessing it is the earliest version of HomeSeer. If I can buy an upgrade, where do I find that in the online store?

    Also, where can I find the documentation for the PRO100? The "Getting Started" manual I have is pretty thin. I need to know about resetting the device back to defaults, and how to install software modules and drivers, etc.

    Thanks in advance.


    Does the unit boot now? If so boot it up and see what version of HomeSeer is on the unit.
    - To upgrade your version of HomeSeer you can load the latest version from and choose the correct version for your hardware.
    - To start over you need a rebuilt stick that is available from the HomeSeer store but I'm not sure there is a stick for your version of the Pro100.

    I would recommend calling the number at the top of the HomeSeer web page as this would be your best route for information.


      Hi Rupp,
      It's working now. I did download the latest update, and got it installed, and it's working great. I think the problem I had several years ago was that I hadn't disabled the flash protection, so nothing would install. I figured that out.

      Problem solved. Thanks for your help.